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Reviews of 'The Bloody City'

Print Reviews

“Having had to turn detective in the previous novel, Edwin must now turn spy, but he finds himself dealing with murders and with the question of who is treasonably aiding the French and rebels. Espionage, mystery, and romance combine to make The Bloody City an entertaining read.”

Historical Novels Review (online version of the review available here).

"The narrative gallops along, as the inexperienced Weaver faces the bloodshed and tumult he finds in Lincoln, in an effort to identify the traitors among the English. Hanley paints both scenes of brutal conflict and intimate conversation in a prose style that will keep fans of Bernard Cornwell, and Game of Thrones turning the page."

Lincolnshire Life (online version of the review available here).

The Bloody City is a great read, full of intrigue and murder. Great for readers of Ellis Peters and Lindsey Davis. Hanley weaves a convincing, rich tapestry of life and death in the early 13th century, in all its grandeur and filth. I enjoyed this book immensely.”

Ben Kane, bestselling novelist of The Forgotten Legion Trilogy (this appears on the book jacket)

Online Reviews

"This is a gripping read. The depiction of lives and hardship in the 13th century is written with conviction and a richness of detail and character which draws the reader into the time. Treachery and murder are combined with the ruthlessness and bleakness of the conflict and its impact on the people in the besieged city. Nicely crafted and very readable, I would recommend The Bloody City to anyone who enjoys a good murder story, particularly those who like a finely written historic backdrop."

Based on his recent heroism (The Sins of the Father), Edwin becomes an intelligencer in this historical adventure set during the 1217 siege of ­Lincoln [...] Blatantly heroic and wonderfully readable, this engrossing historical adventure is the second in a projected trilogy. With its brave young protagonists it has perfect crossover appeal for YA readers."

Hanley’s absorbing second medieval mystery finds Edwin Weaver, trusted servant of the Earl of Surrey, participating in a military effort to recapture the city of Lincoln from the French [...] Hanley provides a wealth of historical details [...] Curious and observant, Weaver registers the particulars of a place that is as new to him as it is to readers, and ponders his place in life. Fans will look forward to seeing more of this fine hero."

"The author brings new life to a period of history I knew nothing about before reading this story, and includes plenty of suspense, action and gentle moments [...] for those who love medieval fighting stories with lots of authentic detail, this is a must. "

Historical Novel Review